Joomla Design

Joomla is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) and application framework that powers 2.7% of the entire web. With a vibrant volunteer community, user-friendly features and plenty of power, Joomla is perfect for your site! Learn more about 1.6.

Joomla was the fist choice for several of our clients looking for a more advanced CMS platform. This powerful CMS allows you to keep track of all the content on your Website, just like your public library keeps track of books. Content can include text, photos, music, video, documents and more. A major advantage to Joomla is that it requires no programming skills, the control panel allows you to manage all the content and features of your site fairly easily. We recommend Joomla to experienced users only. If you have had some training or experience with Joomla than this is your perfect choice. If your a beginner we recommend you get some Joomla training, or try a more simple user-friendly CMS like WordPress